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Stacy Kuper Sends First Mailer to Eastside Residents

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Residents in almost 8,000 Eastside homes learned more about Stacy Kuper and her campaign to win  County Council Seat 21 thanks to her mailer sent this week.

“I feel it is important to engage the people of the Eastside and let them know who I am and more importantly my plan to make District 21 even better,” Kuper said.

The mail piece, which was larger than traditional mail pieces, focuses on Kuper’s business leadership and strong community stewardship.

It also gave more details on her four-key campaign focus points:


  • Create an Area Master Plan for District 21 that allows us to grow proactively and not reactively.
  • Utilize new and existing technology to better solve the traffic problems that plague the Eastside.


  • Work together to add trails and parks to our communities.
  • Strike a fair balance between the taxes that are assessed on real property and those collected from sales tax.

Pro Business

  • Add transparency and accountability to our business development processes by increasing communication between County Council, the community and developers early on.
  • Provide incentives such as effective infrastructure and affordable, economic property values to create more business opportunities.


  • Put together a coalition of community leaders to develop a website specifically targeted to the people of District 21.
  • Listen and be accountable.

Kuper said this will be the first of several mailers that she plans to send between now and the June 14 Republican Primary.


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