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The greatest issue of concern in District 21 is the management of growth. For a community to thrive, growth must be approached in a sensible and judicious manner for all parties involved – including developers, residents, landowners, and business owners. Key decisions on roads and infrastructure should be considered for long-term, not just short-term, resolutions. We must evaluate our current plans and procedures to be sure they are beneficial to initiate change that matters not only in the present but for future generations. We have to make change that matters.

  • Develop a Master Plan for District 21 that allows us to grow proactively, to short-circuit growth problems, rather than reactively after the harm is done. Such a plan would logically allow for interaction with adjoining districts because what affects one likely affects all.
  • Better utilize existing technology while adapting to emerging technologies that will save money, increase the efficiency of county government and make interaction between citizens and government faster and, yes, even satisfying.


As a parent, I am constantly disappointed with the lack of green space for recreation. Without parks, trails and open areas for children and their families to enjoy the outdoors, we have created communities that don’t have outlets to socialize beyond backyards. Communities need green areas. Neighborhoods need safe places for children to play. Bike lanes, sidewalks, walking trails – these are amenities that would raise our overall pride in what we can provide to our community members. Our District can help meet these needs but only if we take time to evaluate how to implement these features. We need to make change that matters.

  • Work together to add trails and parks to our various communities.
  • Strike a fair balance between taxes assessed on real property and those collected from the sales tax.


More than two decades have passed since our County has modified and improved the process for creating new business within the community. We must take a role of being a supporter of business – not an unintended adversary. As an accomplished businesswoman with a proven background in the promotion of business growth in many respected technology companies and, additionally, as a small business owner with my husband, I have a great interest in supporting and enhancing ecommerce and hospitality businesses in our District. It is imperative to find solutions to attract new business to the area that are cost effective while providing economic incentives and growth.

  • Our business development processes are lacking in accountability and transparency. This can be addressed by increasing interaction and communication between County Council, individual citizens, community groups and developers beginning in the conceptual phase of every project.
  • Provide common-sense incentives such as effective infrastructure and affordable property values that will create and sustain more business opportunities.


Development in the Woodruff-Garlington-Pelham road corridors must continue to be monitored. In particular, Garlington Road faces increased pressure from the Top Golf complex and proposed spin-off projects. These will impact both Woodruff and Pelham.

Plus, the I-85-385 Gateway Project is due to be finished around the time new Council members take office. Its impact remains unknown so local government must be prepared to act as necessary. Again, sound decision-making will have positive future impacts.

Stacy believes we must avoid the mistakes of the past, yet not stifle economic development. It’s a fine line that Stacy, with her background in so many varied public and private organizations, is well suited to address.

Intergovernmental Cooperation

The best interests of Greenville County and its six municipalities – Greenville city, Greer, Fountain Inn, Mauldin, Simpsonville and Travelers Rest – are often mutual interests. It is imperative that local governments work together and not at cross purposes. Again, Stacy’s background makes her the candidate best suited to serve District 21’s overall interests.


District 21 has a long-standing history of strong leadership, and I believe that I am the best candidate to continue this legacy while working diligently and passionately to further the growth, sense of community and standard of quality that our residents and business owners have come to expect. Many issues are already on the table for future discussion – there is work to be done NOW. I look to the future and what will be beneficial for our community as well as Greenville overall. I am a Republican who values her community and believes that leaders should serve and represent the people of that community. My promise is that I will always listen and be accessible.

  • Assemble a broad-based coalition of community leaders to develop an interactive community Website specifically geared to the needs and interests of District 21.
  • Listen. Be accountable.